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Being Frank – Prem Sewa

Thursday, June 10th, 2010


During a recent trip to India’s centre we met Frank, a lively German man with grey hair and wisdom lines around his eyes.  For every story of God’s impeccably timed faithfulness in the past forty years, he’s also got a joke that will make you laugh (or roll your eyes).  His journey with God has resulted in nearly a thousand children currently living and learning in three locations, and thousands who have come before.

The kids speak for themselves – they love school, the day’s structure, eating three meals, and space to play marbles, cricket and to skip rope.  They regularly meet for worship and prayer with eyes tightly shut and arms lifted high. Simply coming to Prem Sewa for some of them is their biggest dream fulfilled – and then they’re offered education and are encouraged to go even further.  Frank has handed over the school’s directorship to Bapu, who years ago showed up from a far away village as a shy nine year old.  He is now a well-educated and compassionate man who understands the children’s needs and has great aspirations for the school.


We spent three weeks capturing the stories of Prem Sewa on film: a man who followed God to the desert and saw flowers and schools emerge, a large work passed on to indigenous leadership, and the endless stories of boys and girls given opportunity to see anew. The story absorbed us as well – we left Prem Sewa impacted by God’s faithfulness and generosity towards His children.

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For more information check out: www.premsewa.org | Watch ‘Being Frank’ Trailer | Photos



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2 Responses to “Being Frank – Prem Sewa”

  1. Trevor says:

    Hey guys. I love this 16 minute video. Any idea when the full-length documentary will be coming? Or is the 16 minutes all we’re going to get? Great work so far from what I’ve seen. Thank you for the support you’ve given to Frank, Bapu, and the kids. God bless.

    • admin says:

      Sorry for the late reply. We’ve recently started working on the full-length documentary. It’s taken us longer than expected to get time to work on it. No promises on when it will be finished, but it’s in process. Thanks for your encouragement. It’s a honour to tell stories like Frank’s. What an inspiration!

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